Easy Exercising For Seniors

The no-sweat way to recover your

mobility from 20 years ago.

…and with it, join a community you never expected.

Over 50 and struggling to have the quality of life you’re used to?

We can help.











Exercise for seniors

Recover the mobility and body shape that you had in your prime in a gentle, sweat-free way.

We can also future proof you to stay there. No more going to the gym, chiropractor or physio, with dubious results and high costs. You will be safe and won’t be intimidated.

You won’t be forced into any program, just offered solutions with guaranteed results.

Sound too good to be true?

The answer is our unique, power-assisted machines. They do the exercise for you so that your individual, gentle program safely gets you get to your goals as quickly as a bench press – without the grunting, stress or sweat.

No pain; instead, laughter and a friendly chat as you exercise.

Our commitment to you at Easy Exercising:

A dropout rate of 0% after 3 months.

A promise that the process will be easy and sweat-free.


20 cm or 2 kg taken off your frame within 30 days.

A path to wellness that will help you overcome ailments and pain.

A  supportive environment with no obligations.

If you don’t want to be hassled & feel that we do, we’ll give you $150!

A team of friendly staff offering personalised help.

100% money back if you don’t see any changes in 30 days.

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Kallangur Clinic

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Morayfield Clinic

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