Joy is in her 70s and recently had a heart operation – and just eight days after the operation, she was up and about and doing her household chores without having anyone to help her.

Before visiting Easy Exercising, Joy had problems with lifting, stairs, and walking long distances. Due to the pressure of her heart, she would get coughing fits and need to rest every few steps. She tried going to the gym but it was too hard. The gym just gave her exercises and left her on her own with exercises that caused her pain. Because of her poor mobility, Joy became depressed and had to rely on her family to help. She became insecure about going shopping on her own in case she had a fit or collapsed.

Joy was introduced to Easy Exercising by a relative. In her initial consultation, she revealed all of her injuries and medical problems so that a unique exercise program could be structured around her. Two weeks after coming to Easy Exercising for the Over 50s, Joy walking started to improve, her coughing reduced and her strength began to return. Joy became comfortable with her exercise program and felt safe and secure in the Easy Exercising environment. Joy knew that if she needed any help, a staff member was on board at all times to attend to her needs.

Within six weeks, she was able to walk considerable distances without having a coughing fit.

Her anxiety substantially reduced and Joy felt confident enough to go out and start doing things on her own.

Within six months of coming to Easy Exercising for the Over 50s, Joy had a heart operation. Eight days after the operation, Joy was up and about and doing her household chores. Medical staff told Joy that if she was back in the “old days”, she would have been hospitalised for at least two months.

After leaving hospital, Joy was given an exercise regime by the physios – these were a piece of cake due to her body conditioning from Easy Exercising. Her family were ecstatic and Joy’s confidence was at an all-time high. Joy’s coughing has considerably reduced. The exercises are easy and gentle on her joints and have helped stretch out the muscles that were always aching.