Our body is the only asset that stays with us for a lifetime. It’s crucial to keep it in working condition and remain somewhat active. Though it may become hard to stay on your feet as you age, many people still find ways to inspire us by finding ways to achieve an active lifestyle.

Easy Exercising inspiring older people to exercise and turn their hate into a love for exercise.

At Easy Exercising, most of our participants are retired or are closer to retirement, and often their bodies don’t want to move as easily as they used to. However, using our power-assisted exercise machines helps them deal with this immobility and introduce strength and balance exercises … at any age!

How do we improve strength and balance in old age?

Seniors can face a wide range of health challenges, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and many others. To keep us going, exercise is essential, at whatever age you are. A bit of exercise can build up our confidence and improve these major health issues, even for those of us who have reached retirement.

Our in-house equipment helps improve flexibility, muscle strength, and overall health. We have a wide variety of exercise and rehabilitation machines, including:

  • Machine with Power assistance.
  • Instruments for Rehabilitation.
  • Treadmill for walking
  • Machines for Pneumatic Resistance.

3 reasons to keep exercising as we age:

As an older adult, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It can prevent or delay many of the health problems that come with age and it helps you grow stronger so you’re able to keep doing your day-to-day activities, without being dependent on others.

But there are so many reasons to continue exercising as you age, such as:

1. Easy Exercising to help the mental and physical connection

People who exercise regularly have better mental health, emotional wellbeing, and lower rates of mental illness. By boosting our moods, concentration and alertness, it also improves our cardiovascular and overall physical health.


2. Easy Exercising to help keep diseases at bay and under control

As regular exercise helps improve your overall health, fitness and quality of life, it can also help reduce your risk of chronic conditions and reduce the symptoms of other illnesses. More so, exercise can help you restore mobility and actually counteract movement-preventing diseases 


3. Easy Exercising to help boost confidence

Though we already know that exercise is proven to help your mental health and emotional wellbeing, it’s also been proven to increase confidence levels. Exercise makes you feel better and stronger, like you have a sense of accomplishment to be proud of. It also gives you self-esteem and that increased brain power we were talking about? This improvement of cognitive function improves your overall self-esteem levels.

exercise boosts confidence, keeps diseases at bay, connects the mental and physical and leaves smiles as bright as this!

As we age, we may start to feel like we’re restricted from a lot of exercises. While we may not be able to get into the gym and start sweating profusely (and who wants to do that, anyway?!), there are ways to exercise without the tax on your body. Some of these ways include:

  • Walking
  • Standing up and sitting down
  • Tai Chi
  • Stability ball exercise
  • Weight training
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Resistance band
  • Treadmill

Easy Exercising exercises for aged care:

Easy Exercising helps people who are older or who have a disability to monitor their health, enrol in physical and strengthening activities and maintain their mobility. We help people age gracefully – and have a lot of fun in the process –  and we have the best equipment for doing so. 

Our power-assisted exercise machines are unique because of the science behind them. They’ve been meticulously developed and tested over the years by industry leaders and they’re the obvious choice for anyone to shape up without breaking a sweat.

Take a look at how it works! This video is of the ‘chair’ power-assisted machines:

Plus, we have a pretty tight-knit community of friendly faces that make the whole process seamless. Just sit down, let the machines do the work, and have a chat with the Easy Exercising family!

“As usual, a great gentle workout in pleasant company with great advice from Jessica to reset me on the way forward. Feeling more flexible and energised!! Can highly recommend this form of exercise for mature non-gym junkies!” – Roberta

“Love the atmosphere and the exercising.  Most enjoyable and suitable for older people.” – Sheralynn

“Love it you don’t feel as though you are exercising and you have trained staff there with you and help you stay on track with a personal programme to suit your needs.” – Lesley

just sit down, let the machines do the work, and have a friendly chat with the group!

Here at Easy Exercising, we care about helping people to age gracefully. We understand that ageing cannot be controlled and is a continuous process. But we also understand that it can be made a much more enjoyable experience simply by being supported with the right kind of exercise for you. Our physical trainers are professionals who help seniors or people with disabilities. Easy Exercising offers you the benefit of trainers, who help with each physical activity because we care about exercise for aged care.

Come and join Australia’s best fitness centre for adults here today.

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret