Recover the mobility you had in your prime in a welcoming, fun community: NDIS and Aged-Care Friendly!

Get the benefits of physical therapy, a gym and a salon without the discomfort of a gym or the costs of a physio or chiropractor!

Receive an exercise and nutrition plan specifically tailored to relieve symptoms of cardiovascular health, posture, joint and injury pain.

Experience how sessions at Easy Exercising have helped NDIS participants manage their health conditions, improve their strength, and enjoy a sense of close-knit community…

… and how we can help you too!

“I’m a member of the NDIS and I come here for rehabilitation. I find it very beneficial and I recommend it to anybody else that has a … disability. It’s the most relaxing exercising that you can do and it really helps you. I know that for a fact.” – Michael

Everyone who is able to use an NDIS self-managed or plan-managed approach can start their journey with Easy Exercising today.

It all started because sisters Andrea and Jessica Curtis were uncomfortable going to the gym: and so, Easy Exercising was born…

Now, Easy Exercising is all about creating a personalised, fun and caring environment where everyone is able to relax and enjoy themselves while taking part in physical activities with ease. Great for seniors and youth alike!

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We understand the difference that the support of a qualified practitioner who’s ready to give you one-on-one support, whenever you need it, makes to your healing journey. As well as what a tailored program can do for you.

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We know that not everyone can participate in strenuous exercise, which is why our power-assisted machines realign your body and then gently exercise those muscles to give you greater mobility and better well-being.

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We have a passion for helping others. We love seeing our clients recover their frame of mind and we’re so pleased to welcome NDIS participants to Easy Exercising: so everyone has a fair go at improved mobility!

“Is awesome not hard! You can work up to your resistance where you feel comfortable with your body. Is good for rehabilitation after operations. You sit or lie down on machines. Gets you very flexible. I highly recommend this form of fitness. I had a bad motor vehicle accident long recovery. Soon as I used these machines first day I noticed a difference.

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Why our power-assisted machines make all the difference…

Our power-assisted machines are unique because of the science behind them. They’re meticulously developed and tested over years by industry leaders and are the obvious choice for anyone looking to shape up without breaking a sweat.

What to expect from your free trial with Easy Exercising:

A supportive environment with no obligations.

A team of friendly staff offering personalised help.

A promise that the process will be easy and sweat-free.

A path to wellness that will help you overcome ailments and pain.

How Much Does It Cost?

Easy Exercising is set up to give you exactly what you ask for, which is the reason we’re ready to let you try out our machines before paying to see if they’re right for you. On average, if you want to lose twenty centimetres and/or two kilograms off your body frame in one month, plus get a 25% increase in mobility and flexibility, then two or three weekly sessions are enough.

The best part? If you don’t see any changes in 30 days, you’ll get your money back. 

And if you don’t want to be hassled and feel that we do? That’s $150 from us!

Because we truly believe that improved strength, mobility and well-being shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

We just want to make exercising easy for all.

Don’t just take our word for it… 

Our clients can’t get over how amazing the benefits are!

“Things I could not do, put my shoes and socks on, I could do that after a few sessions.” – Rob

“I have a lot of improvements. I can now cut my own toenails.” – Liz

“Love the atmosphere and the exercising. Most enjoyable and suitable for older people.” – Sheralynn

“The reason I come here is that I’ve improved out of sight in the last 18 months. From somebody that had chronic back pain, aching knees, and pins and needles constantly in my feet, I have now got no pins and needles anymore.” – Elwyn

“Love it you don’t  feel as though  you are exercising and you have trained staff there with you and help you stay on track with a personal programme to suit your needs” – Lesley

No pressure, sales gimmicks, or strenuous workout necessary. Just a community of friendly faces wanting to help you reach your goals & enjoy the journey there.

Come in for your free trial session, make some friends, and see what we can do for you…

Leave your details and we'll call you promptly to book in a time that suits you. Your session will be perfectly tailored to your personal situation.

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