Have you ever been to a gym— and all you met was an unwelcoming atmosphere, a lack of motivation, and that sneaky feeling that you just don’t belong there? We have been there too and that’s why we came up with the idea of Easy Exercising: the ideal fitness gym for seniors. Our focus was to make exercise easy, accessible, and welcoming for everyone, especially seniors.

Now as a senior, you can get all the benefits of physical exercise through gentle, easy exercises and enjoy a friendly community of other seniors who all look forward to coming back to Easy Exercising every week. If your mobility, weight, or just general distaste for exercise means there’s no way you’ll go back to a gym, Easy Exercising is the excellent solution for you. 

As you read further, you’ll find out why Easy Exercising is the ideal fitness gym for seniors and the only place you need to be if you wish to roll back the hands of the clock on your age.

Easy Exercising: seniors fitness that’s nothing like a regular “gym”

Easy Exercising: nothing like a regular gym

“My husband and I went to a gym but the costs were high, and if I wanted help I would have to pay for a fitness instructor. There were a lot of younger people around me and I felt intimidated.”

That was Anne’s experience at a regular gym. Anne is in her late 70s and she’s literally ‘all of us’. This is the usual experience when you visit a gym as a senior. But when Anne came to Easy Exercising, she had this to say:

‘At Easy Exercising, I found that I was exercising with my age group and also with others who had similar injuries and issues. The staff were ready to help, as and when I needed assistance. I am now fitter and I have more energy …”

Easy Exercising is far from regular gyms because of our easy exercises that are gentle even for those getting started, our family of friendly faces who have similar issues as you, and 1:1 supervision from our qualified practitioners. With Easy Exercising’s unique power-assisted machines, you can reach your fitness goals without going through the pain and discomfort of the gym. All these make Easy Exercising the ideal fitness gym for seniors.

Recover the mobility you had in your prime

As you age, it’s common to lose some of your natural mobility — leading to troubles with walking, getting up out of a chair, climbing stairs, and more. You might not even keep up with your daily tasks, go out freely to your favorite places, and enjoy full independence like you used to. But Easy Exercising allows seniors to improve their mobility through gentle, easy no-sweat exercises in an elated atmosphere. 

Gentle exercise is a safe and effective way for seniors to improve mobility. It enhances joint flexibility, muscle strength, balance, and stability while minimising the risk of injury. Through our power-assisted equipment and qualified trainers, we have helped several seniors regain their mobility with ease. And you too can get back the mobility you had in your prime and enjoy more independence in later life. 


Reduce your joint pain and aches

The ideal fitness gym for seniors with joint pain

Joint pain is a significant health concern among seniors in Australia. No doubt, regular exercise is a vital component of maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. But even more, it is one of the best-known prescriptions for joint pain. Although, some seniors are put off by fears of worsening their joint pain and aches. But through gentle, stress-free exercises that do not cause over-exertion to your body at Easy Exercising, you can reduce your joint pain and aches. 

Our well-supervised power-assisted exercises gently relieve those muscles and joints that have been incorrectly stressed or require healing. You’ll experience a gentle full-body workout to stretch those joints that may have degenerated. Our machines do the exercises for you while you have a friendly chat with other seniors you’ll meet at our facility who have similar problems to you.

Get back in control of your diabetes symptoms

Exercise is an important diabetes management tool that helps patients with diabetes by maintaining their blood sugar level, reducing the risk of heart attacks, helping them manage their nerve health, and repairing and improving their muscle health. Easy Exercising offers workouts specifically designed to help manage diabetes. These exercises help control blood sugar levels and improve overall health. 

A proper diet is also essential for managing diabetes and seniors receive guidance on balanced nutrition to complement their exercise routines. At Easy Exercising, we have trained staff who have helped many people with diabetes to get a regular life and manage their diabetes. Power-operated machines help you maintain your blood glucose level and lose weight by reducing your muscle mass.

Pre-operative & post-operative therapy (that makes the difference)

Let me tell you about Lynette. She started up here at Easy Exercising as a kind of “pre-rehabilitation”, prior to her total knee replacement surgery. She thought she’d see what it would do for her… The good news? Her treatment was put off, her surgery was put off, and her orthopedic surgeon said to continue whatever she’d been doing (which was Easy Exercising) and regroup in a few months to see how things go. It’s given her an entirely new perspective of what Easy Exercising can really do. She said…

“Doesn’t matter what age you are, it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, come along to Easy Exercising and get a free trial and see what it can do for your body.”

The point is, just like Lynette, Easy Exercising can help you through pre-operative therapy so your operation process is seamless. After surgery, doctors recommend gentle post-operative exercise, as it can help prevent blood clots, improve blood flow, and speed up wound healing. The overall result is a speedier recovery. And Easy Exercising is the perfect solution. Our power-assisted machines are designed to deliver gentle exercise suitable for pre- or post-op patients.

NDIS & Aged Care friendly

Having a disability can be very challenging due to specific barriers like lack of motivation, high costs, and an unwelcoming atmosphere in traditional gyms.  A whopping 72% of adults in Australia with a disability do not engage in enough physical activity. But thanks to Easy Exercising, both NDIS and Aged Care participants can enjoy well-supervised power-assisted exercises to help them live more fulfilling lives.

The ideal fitness gym for NDIS and Aged Care participants

Easy Exercising is NDIS-friendly, making it easier for seniors with disabilities to access fitness services and receive support in a comfortable environment. The gym may collaborate with aged care facilities, providing fitness programs for seniors in assisted living, helping them maintain their independence and well-being. Hear from an NDIS participant…

“My name’s Michael. I’m a member of the NDIS and I come here for rehabilitation. I find it very beneficial and I recommend it to anybody else that has a … disability. It’s the most relaxing exercising that you can do and it really helps you. I know that for a fact.”

Now, you know why Easy Exercising is the ideal fitness gym for seniors. We’d like to invite you to come along to a FREE trial session at your closest Easy Exercising clinic. This will help you see how the power-assisted machines work and why Easy Exercising is the ideal fitness gym for seniors.

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret