Exercise an important diabetes management tool which helps patients with diabetes by maintaining their blood sugar level, reducing the risk of heart attacks, helping them in managing their nerve health and also repairing and improving their muscle health. Exercise improves the overall health and well-being of a diabetic patient and those who are prone to develop diabetes especially the obese persons.

As you might be aware that Diabetes is a chronic health issue where the body is unable to produce insulin or use it due to malfunctioning of the organ Pancreas. Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar level. It is becoming epidemic as the number of cases of diabetes is increasing day by day.
According to World Health organization nearly 422 million people worldwide have diabetes and around 1.6 million deaths occur due to this deadly disease. In Australia alone nearly 1.8 million people have Diabetes this includes 1.3 million people have been diagnosed and 5, 00,000 people with undiagnosed type 2 Diabetes. (diabetesnsw.com.au). In Australia nearly over 1 million people are reported to have Type 2 diabetes. This represents nearly 85-90% of all cases. (aihw.gov.au/reports/diabetes). Around $14.6 billion is the total cost impact of diabetes management in Australia.(Source).

Many people don’t know the differences between the Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. So let’s understand the difference between them-

1) Type 1 Diabetes-
This is insulin dependent diabetes or also known as juvenile diabetes in which body is unable to produce insulin. The treatment involves maintaining normal blood sugar level by taking insulin, proper diet and regular exercise.

2) Type 2 Diabetes-
This is a more severe type in which the body does not know how to maintain blood sugar level. It means body has lost control on how to use insulin and also unable to make enough insulin. This occurs generally in the adult stage and is therefore known as Adult onset Diabetes. This type is treated with exercise, diet, medication and Insulin therapy.

3) Gestational diabetes-
This type usually occurs in pregnant females when they are expecting baby. It is short term and generally disappears with the birth of new-born baby. Weight management treatment is generally suggested in these cases. If Gestational diabetes is not treated at the initial stage it could develop into type 2 diabetes

Diabetes grows if the person leads a sedentary lifestyle, so by changing one’s lifestyle from a sedentary to an active one helps one combat the risk of developing complications associated with diabetes. Thus regular exercise is very important for people with diabetes helping them improve their quality of life.

But people with severe complications like high blood pressure, neuropathy etc. should seek the help of physical trainer before starting any exercise therapy. People with Diabetes should also check their blood sugar levels regularly in doing any exercise since low blood sugar level can be a serious threat leading to heart attack also. Before starting any exercise therapy it is essential to measure your diabetes before fasting and after meals. The ideal fasting sugar level for any diabetic patient is less than 100 mg/dl(5.6 mmol/l). After meals the ideal sugar level should be 140 mg/dl(7.8 mmol/l).These sugar levels should be properly monitored if you are diabetic and doing any exercise. Apart from this you should also monitor your blood pressure if you have low Blood pressure or high blood pressure.

So as stated already Type 2 diabetes is very much prevalent in Australia. So to combat it, exercise is an important therapy to control it and also prevent its development. Diabetes is also thought to be a genetic disease and studies have proved that if anyone in family has diabetes, then the risk associated with developing the disease is high among family members especially the kids if any parents has.

Any exercise therapy should be combined with a proper diet plan. The ideal diet for any diabetic patient should include more of fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, whole wheat, beans and lentils. This diet should also include more of roughage and water which will help in absorption of blood sugar thus preventing any increase of blood sugar.

Now the question comes which is the best exercise for diabetes Management?

Many Aerobic, cardiovascular and weight related exercises are considered to be best for diabetes management. Some of them are listed below-

1) Walking –
Walking is considered to be the best exercise for any type of disease. Walking improves the immune system since even a 30 minutes of brisk walking improves the heart rate and helps blood circulate evenly among the body organs. Walking also helps lungs to breathe properly making the air circulate across the body organs. Thus walking helps the body regulate the blood glucose level making one healthy.

2) Swimming-
Swimming is the best exercise for people with high amount of fat to burn the calories leading to diabetes. It helps burn the calories putting extra risk of cardiovascular risks. But people with low sugar should do swimming with care and take sugar before doing it.

3) Yoga-
Yoga as an exercise helps Diabetes patients in insulin secretion and absorption of glucose. Yoga also helps in improving the cardiac and muscle function. It is an important therapy for stress reduction and overall well-being of the patient.

4) Cycling-
Cycling is considered to be the best activity which helps in lowering the blood glucose levels significantly and helping in reducing the risk of developing diabetes especially type 2 diabetes. It helps in reducing the fat accumulated and also lowers the risk of heart complications associated with diabetes. Even stationary type of bicycles will help in reducing the blood sugar levels if done regularly for nearly 10minutes every day.

5) Resistance Training-
Resistance training is designed to help you develop muscular fitness by exercising. It is developed by weight lifting, push ups or chin ups. Weight training is a form of resistance training. This helps diabetes patients in reducing their weights and developing muscle strength for improved quality of life.

6) Dancing –
Dancing of any form helps control blood sugar levels and helps reduce the risk of cardiac complications associated with diabetes. Dance also helps in alleviation of mood and reduction of stress levels.

7) Power operated Machines-
These power operated machines are a breakthrough innovation for diabetes management. Doing workouts without sweating is good for diabetic patients especially those who are above 50 years. These people already are having several medications to take and its best for them if they start doing regular exercise. At easy exercising we have trained staff who have helped many people with diabetes to get a regular life and manage their diabetes. Power operated machines help you maintain the blood glucose level and loose weight by reducing your muscle mass.

Easy exercising offers a planned and controlled way to manage your diabetes. Here the diet plan is combined with proper schedule of power operated machines. The trainer provides a hassle free and soothing environment which is sanitised properly in the current COVID conditions. You just need to call to us to let us know our situation and we will assist you in diet chart and scheduling your timings as per the recent COVID guidelines.

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