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No Sweat Exercise for Seniors

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Exercise Classes for Seniors

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‘Great for strengthening my weak muscles following years of chronic health issues. Friendly, fun, leave with a real feel-good factor.’

Gillian Callaghan

‘We should have started this much earlier I am so glad we looked into it. We walked in and Sue welcomed us explained to us what it was and the benefit with great knowledge and talked us in to take a trial.

The rest is clear we stayed and got hooked.

Not only that because after a few sessions our health (especially mine) improved so much and meeting other people.’


Metke Goudman Tijmons

‘Took husband along today to try. He enjoyed it and will be going back.
Thinks it is going to help him get the gentle exercise without aggravating aches and pains he lives with.’

Sheralynn Norrie

A revolutionary way of Exercising for Seniors

Easy Exercising classes for seniors improve the quality of life, well-being and help
support positivity among seniors in our country.

Our exercise programs combine science and social activity and are run by experienced staff to ensure you get the best outcomes for your health and wellness. Our no-sweat exercise sessions are simple to learn and improve fitness levels.

How does it work?

The no-sweat exercise program is the culmination of decades of therapeutic knowledge and experience. We have various power-assisted equipment that helps
seniors exercise with no sweat.

Many seniors have experienced improved lifestyles and positive responses to their disease conditions.

causes of immobility in the elderly

Professional trainers

Our exercise classes for seniors at Kallangur have professionally trained experts who know how to develop fitness among seniors. Many seniors have experienced the results and provided their experience journey in the form of testimonials.

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Features and Benefits

  Easy to use exercise equipment for all sorts of body types
  Trained experts who are easily approachable to resolve any problems during exercise
  Group exercise and individual attention to take care of fitness levels
  Easy payment structure and transparency
  Individualized health monitoring to know the progress.


Looking for a Professional Exercise Clinic for Seniors at Kallangur

Our exercise class at Kallangur has a capacity of 120 members. If you require a no-sweat way of maintaining fitness levels, then easy exercising is the place for you. Book your slot now, to avoid any inconvenience.

If you still have any queries about our working approach, do write to us, and we will
love to help you.