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Exercise Classes for Seniors at Sunnybank Hills

Why Exercise after 50 Important?

All too often the importance of exercise in older people gets overlooked, especially in society at large. People tend to think it’s unnecessary for these two groups primarily and many seniors get caught into the trap of thinking that their bodies are too far gone for exercise. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The human body never stops responding favorably to exercise and a key fundamental change has to take place in order for business culture and medical practice to move towards one of activity and movement, rather than disuse and fear of injury.

Why Exercise after 50 Important?

After the age of 50, it becomes essential to introduce progressive resistance exercise. It is especially important for elderly citizens to perform this type of exercise during this decade, because at no other time in one’s life is one more likely to experience degeneration of joints and muscles.


Why Easy Exercising for seniors exercise?

  • Classes are convenient and accessible
  • Classes are led by Qualified experts
  • Group exercise with no sweat method.
Exercises for seniors to improve strength and balance

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‘Great for strengthening my weak muscles following years of chronic health issues. Friendly, fun, leave with a real feel-good factor.’

Gillian Callaghan

‘We should have started this much earlier I am so glad we looked into it. We walked in and Sue welcomed us explained to us what it was and the benefit with great knowledge and talked us in to take a trial.

The rest is clear we stayed and got hooked.

Not only that because after a few sessions our health (especially mine) improved so much and meeting other people.’


Metke Goudman Tijmons

‘Took husband along today to try. He enjoyed it and will be going back.
Thinks it is going to help him get the gentle exercise without aggravating aches and pains he lives with.’

Sheralynn Norrie