Robin is 80 years old and came to Easy Exercising for the Over 50s with obesity, chronic diabetes and joint problems. He had given up on life and felt like he was on his deathbed.

When Robin joined us, he was a Type 2 diabetic verging on becoming dependant on insulin. He struggled with basic household chores and couldn’t walk distances due to his weight and joint issues, which led to his self esteem plummeting. Eventually, he decided to come to Easy Exercising, having tried the power assisted machines in the past and hoping they’d cure his condition. Within a month of following his tailored exercise regime and nutritional program, he noticed that walking was much easier and things around the home that had been difficult were becoming more accessible. He could even bend down to play with his dogs. Robin also went to his doctor to check out the progress of his diabetes The doctor was amazed that the diabetes had not progressed to the very severe insulin dependency stage, but at the same time, Robin’s doctor was perplexed as to why this hadn’t occurred. The doctor told Robin to keep on doing whatever he was doing and reduced Robin’s medication. Due to the exercise regime and the nutritional advice he was given at Easy Exercising, Robin lost 7 kg and 42 inches of weight within a month. He’s gone from being depressed to euphoric, as he can now do what he wants to do. He feels fitter and healthier and he can now leap out of his chair and go up and down stairs. Robin’s mobility has improved so much that he now goes out for day trips. His breathing problems have also disappeared. Robin wants to keep using Easy Exercising as he believes that it has added ten to fifteen years to his life. He doesn’t ever want to be on his deathbed again. The takeaway from his story is that with our help, you don’t have to give up and accept pain and discomfort. You don’t have to miss out on life, family, fun and activities and you can feel like you felt fifteen years ago.