“The reason I come here is that I’ve improved out of sight in the last 18 months. From somebody that had chronic back pain, aching knees, and pins and needles constantly in my feet, I have now got no pins and needles anymore.” – Elwyn


What our power-assisted machines did for Elwyn:

Elwyn took a chance on Easy Exercising and found out exactly how effective it could be: he now won’t turn back.

“As I use the rowing machine. My back has improved out of sight. I can now walk quite long distances even though I run out of puff because of my breathing, but it’s really great exercise on all the different chairs and beds”


And he’s not alone in his experience. 

At Easy Exercising, we’ve improved the well-being and mobility of many over 50s who needed a way to exercise without strain, without the costs, and without the dubious results…



How Easy Exercising has improved the well-being of many:

“As usual, a great gentle workout in pleasant company with great advice from Jessica to reset me on the way forward. Feeling more flexible and energised!! Can highly recommend this form of exercise for mature non-gym junkies!” – Roberta


“I’m at Easy Exercising, Morayfield. I just love it. And since I’ve been coming here, my mental health has been great. My movement has been great. Things I could not do, put my shoes and socks on, I could do that after a few sessions.” – Rob


“Love it you don’t  feel as though  you are exercising and you have trained staff there with you and help you stay on track with a personal programme to suit your needs” – Lesley



Easy Exercsining’s power-assisted machines can help restore mobility, decrease pain and make exercising a reality

Easy Exercising means no more going to the gym, chiro or physio with dubious results and high costs. You’re offered easy, safe solutions with guaranteed results, no intimidation and no strenuous activity involved.

Our power-assisted machines do the exercise for you. 

They’ve been shown to significantly improve mobility in seniors, reduce joint pain, prevent falls and it can even reduce the symptoms of diabetes! It’s a safe, slow way to move your body to restore your overall well-being.

We’ll set you up on an individual, gentle program that’ll safely get you to your goals, without the stress, strain or sweat. Better yet? Enjoy a friendly chat as you exercise in a community of welcoming faces. 

Personally, Elwyn believed we need a boys team… Maybe he’s not wrong…

Maybe Easy Exercising is something to look into if you’re a mature-aged male looking to get some exercise on the books!

(We’ll be happy to tell you when the other boys make their way in…)


Easy Exercising’s power-assisted exercise machines are unique because of the science behind them. They’re meticulously developed and tested over years by industry leaders and are the obvious choice for anyone looking to shape up without breaking a sweat. 

Want to see for yourself? We offer FREE trial sessions for all first-timers and we’d love to arrange a session for you ASAP to see what magic we can make! Contact us here to learn more.

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret