“I came to Easy Exercising because I’m having a knee replacement. I’m more motivated than I was before.” – Helen

Helen’s only been coming to Easy Exercising for three weeks now, but the results she’s seen already are pretty amazing…

She’s more motivated than she was before, but she also went out for a 3 hour walk that would have seemed impossible previously.

It’s a really good feeling to gain back control over movement and we’re so happy for Helen. 

But it’s not just Helen… Just imagine what you could achieve in 6 weeks, 6 months, or even a year!


How Easy Exercising helps improve mobility for our clients

Our power-assisted machines replicate Pilates movements, stimulating your body’s metabolism so that fluid retention is removed.

They’re unique because of the science behind them. They’ve been meticulously developed and tested over years by industry leaders: they’re the obvious choice for anyone looking to shape up without breaking a sweat.

The change won’t just be external. In just weeks, you’ll notice that your blood flow, oxygen content and metabolism will have vastly improved. 

The machines will realign your body into the correct position and then gently exercise those muscles and joints that have been incorrectly stressed or require healing. 

We work with physios and chiropractors to determine the exercises you need and our machines then make sure that these exercises are carried out safely and easily. 

You’ll experience a gentle full-body workout to stretch those muscles that may have degenerated. The machines carry the bulk of the exercise load so that your muscles and bones can exercise without worsening your injuries. 

Enjoy the support of a qualified practitioner who will monitor, assist and offer suggestions. We offer one-on-one support to make sure you’re on the right track, every time you need it.

Enjoy the support of a qualified practitioner who will monitor, assist and offer suggestions.

We have studios in Brisbane at Kallangur, Sunnybank Hills, Morayfield and Wellington Point. 

And here’s the good news: we’re not a gym!

How others have benefitted from Easy Exercising’s power-assisted machines

We’ve had countless patients facing trouble with symptoms of diabetes and incontinent report overwhelming improvements to their health in a short time. 

Not to mention the numerous patients who’ve seen their mobility improve dramatically…

“As usual, a great gentle workout in pleasant company with great advice from Jessica to reset me on the way forward. Feeling more flexible and energised!! Can highly recommend this form of exercise for mature non-gym junkies!” – Roberta

“Love the atmosphere and the exercising.  Most enjoyable and suitable for older people.” – Sheralynn

“I have a lot of improvements. I can now cut my own toenails.” – Liz

Regain your mobility with the no-sweat alternative to exercise. Enjoy a bit of laughter and good company while you let the Easy Exercising power-assisted machines do all the work for you. And see the results for yourself!

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret