“I think it’s a wonderful way for people to actually exercise if they have mobility problems.” – Lynette

What Easy Exercising did for Lynette:

Lynette’s been coming to Easy Exercising for the past 8 weeks.

Initially, she started up here as a kind of “pre-rehabilitation”, prior to her total knee replacement surgery.

She thought she’d see what it would do for her…

The good news? Her treatment was put off, her surgery was put off, and her orthopedic surgeon has said she should continue whatever she’s been doing (which is Easy Exercising) and regroup in a few months to see how things go.

It’s given her an entirely new perspective of what Easy Exercising can really do…

“Doesn’t matter what age you are, it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, come along to Easy Exercising and get a free trial and see what it can do for your body.”

Why Easy Exercising is an incredible rehabilitation therapy

Gentle exercise has been proven to be the key to a healthy recovery from surgery.


After surgery, doctors recommend gentle post-operative exercise, as it can help to prevent blood clots, improve blood flow, and speeds up wound healing. The overall result is a speedier recovery.

And Easy Exercising is the perfect solution.

Our power-assisted machines are designed to deliver gentle exercise suitable for pre- or post-op patients.

But it’s not just that…

Gentle exercise is a safe and easy way to improve mobility, reduce joint pain, and even reduce diabetes symptoms. It helps to improve the overall quality of life, recovering a positive frame of mind, balanced sleep patterns and confidence you haven’t experienced in years. 


It’s like getting the benefits of physical therapy, a gym and a salon, without the discomfort of a gym or the costs of a physio or chiropractor!


And Lynette’s not the only one who’s experienced these amazing benefits…


I think this is the best form of exercise for people that have aches and pains or a disability. Very friendly people and a good relaxed atmosphere. I have been able to get my arm above my head now, that’s something I have not been able to do for years. Also building up core muscles ready for spine surgery. Someone’s always there to make sure you are using the equipment to get the most benefit from the workout.” – Sandra


“The best thing I have done, I can already feel the difference in movement. Thank you.” – Ellen


“As usual, a great gentle workout in pleasant company with great advice from Jessica to reset me on the way forward. Feeling more flexible and energised!! Can highly recommend this form of exercise for mature non-gym junkies!” – Roberta


At Easy Exercising, we work with physios and chiropractors to determine the exercises you need and our machines then make sure that these exercises are correctly carried out. You’ll experience a gentle full-body workout to stretch those muscles that have degenerated and see incredible results in your mobility and overall way of life. 

We’re an incredible therapy for post and pre rehabilitation and we encourage anyone thinking of trying something new to sign up for a free trial session with us here today.

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret