“I’m at Easy Exercising, Morayfield. I just love it. And since I’ve been coming here, my mental health has been great. My movement has been great. Things I could not do, put my shoes and socks on, I could do that after a few sessions.” – Rob

How do Easy Exercising’s power-assisted machines help with mental health?

Rob used to get depressed all the time and lay in bed or sit on the lounge. Now, that doesn’t happen to him. He can still get depressed, but not as bad. 

He’s got post-traumatic stress disorder and he’s found these power-assisted machines even helped with that.

He’s got multiple injuries but overall? He just feels that much better after trying Easy Exercising on for size. 

It really is the perfect way to increase confidence, boost motivation, release stress and improve the overall quality of life. 

But it’s not just mental health…

Easy Exercising’s power assisted machines can help you physically, mentally and internally 

If you’re over 50 and struggling to do the things you love in life, Easy Exercising can help. 

No more going to the gym, chiropractor or physio with dubious results and high costs. You will be safe and won’t be intimidated – just offered solutions with guaranteed results. 

Our machines do the exercise for you so that your individual, gentle program safely gets you to your goals as quickly as a bench press – without the grunting, stress or sweat. No pain, just laughter and a friendly chat as you exercise. 

Here’s how our power-assisted machines can help you improve your overall well-being:

  • Small, gentle exercise like Easy Exercising has been shown to significantly improve mobility in seniors, allowing them to get back to doing the things they love most. 
  • Moving your body regularly can help reduce joint pain as it prevents further damage and our low-impact movements help prevent falls and other injuries from these complications.
  • Easy Exercising is a safe, slow way to move your body and reduce symptoms of diabetes.
  • Easy Exercising is designed to deliver gentle exercise suitable for pre or post-op patients. 


We’re committed to improving joint pain & mobility, reducing diabetes symptoms and recovering from surgery and we’re ready to help you. We tailor our programs for your specific needs and have qualified practitioners ready to offer one-on-one support where needed.

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret