Our Services for Active Seniors



Improve your quality of life.

Recover the frame of mind, balanced sleep patterns and confidence you haven’t experienced in years.

Get the benefits of physical therapy, a gym and a salon without the discomfort of a gym or the costs of a physio or chiropractor!

Receive an exercise and nutrition plan specifically tailored to relieve symptoms of cardiovascular health, posture, joint and injury pain.


How does it work?

Relax and enjoy your exercise as the endorphins flood your body.

Our power assisted machines replicate pilates movements, stimulating your body’s metabolism so that fluid retention is removed.

How do I start?

1. Book your initial

one-on-one consultation

to see where you’re at.

2. We’ll provide a way forward in a simple

    written report. This will include a range of

    suggested exercise regimes as well as a

    wealth of nutritional advice, giving you

    the tools you need to feel like your

    younger self.

3. We provide friendly guidance at

    every step of the journey and ensure

    our power assisted machines are

    working to gently restore your strength

    and mobility.

Weight loss and health benefits

After so many beautiful success stories, we happily provide a bold guarantee: in the first 30 days of following our program, you’ll lose at least two kilograms.

This change won’t just be external – in just weeks, you’ll notice that your blood flow, oxygen content and metabolism will have vastly improved. We’ve had countless patients facing trouble with symptoms of diabetes and incontinence report overwhelming improvements to their health.

Our power assisted equipment realigns your body into the correct position and then gently exercises those muscles and joints that have been incorrectly stressed or require healing. We work with  physios and chiropractors to determine the exercises you need and our machines then make sure that these exercises are correctly carried out.

You’ll experience a gentle full body workout to stretch those muscles that may have degenerated. The machines carry the bulk of the exercise load so that your muscles and bones can exercise without worsening your injuries.

Enjoy the support of a qualified practitioner who will monitor, assist and offer suggestions. Every time you need it, we offer one-on-one support to make sure you’re on the right track.

More than good value. No lock-ins or fuss.

Easy Exercising is set up to give you only what you ask for.

You can try out our machines before paying to see if they’re right for you, and there are no lock-in contracts.

Our costs per session are far more economical than weekly or monthly physio and chiropractor visits, even if you come three or four times per week. We can prove that what we do works.

If you think it doesn’t after 30 days, you’ll get your money back.