Check How Easy Exercises For Seniors Helped Laurele

Laurele explains how Easy Exercising has helped him, even though he was skeptical at first.

Laurele had been around gyms for a long time and wondered, ‘how could something so easy benefit me?’

‘More energy, more mobility … I was finding it hard to get up after squatting down. Now my knees are a lot stronger.’ and see the surprise benefit at around 58 seconds in!

Sound too good to be true?

Make an appointment to visit our Easy Exercising studio at Kallangur or Sunnybank Hills, and have a free trial session on our unique, power-assisted machines.

No pain, but laughter and a friendly chat as you exercise. We call it “Easy Exercising for the Over 60s” but it’s suitable for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable going to a gym.