“Life-changing. Absolutely life-changing” … Those are her own words.

But when Leonie walked into one of our facilities just over a few months ago, she had no idea she was making the most life-changing decisions of her life. Wonder what that is?

Joining us at Easy Exercising.

And guess what? Leonie’s “life-changing” experience at Easy Exercising is only proof that this could be YOU too. We have helped many older adults lose weight without stress and you’re no different.

How Easy Exercising helped Leonie lose weight and reduce her cellulite 

You see, Leonie needed to lose weight for her health but just like most of our clients at Easy Exercising, she was struggling with numerous injuries and a lack of fitness and had to lose weight in the most convenient way possible. As she would say…

“I needed something that I can manage, I was able to cope with every day.”

 Now, this is what Easy Exercising is all about.

Easy Exercising means no more going to the gym, chiro, or physio with dubious results and high costs. You’re offered easy, safe solutions with guaranteed results, no intimidation, and no strenuous activity involved.

Our power-assisted machines do the exercise for you. 

These machines have been shown to significantly improve mobility in seniors, reduce joint pain, improve weight loss, prevent falls, and even reduce the symptoms of diseases like diabetes! It’s a safe, slow way to move your body to restore your overall well-being.

We’ll set you up on an individual, gentle program that’ll safely get you to your goals, without the stress, strain, or sweat.

And this is how we helped Leonie lose up to 14 kg.

And she’s still going! With our cellulite quick-fix weight loss machine and vacuum machine, all Leonie has to do is watch the weight fall off on its own.

But it wasn’t just physical … Leonie found it improved her mental health, performance at work, and self-esteem too!

You would think that losing 14 kg in a few months is mind-blowing enough, but you should hear what more Leonie has to say about her life-changing experience at Easy Exercising…

“The not-so-obvious is my fitness levels have increased quite rapidly… But my mental health has just been amazing. So I was struggling at work, and I was taking time off. My mental health is now where my head is clear, I can work, I can focus. Life is just easier all around.”

Isn’t that simply amazing?

This is the beauty of Easy Exercising. The change won’t just be external. In just weeks, you’ll notice that your blood flow, oxygen content, and metabolism will have vastly improved. Your mood, mental health, and quality of life, in general, will not be left out.

“There was no judgement, it was the most comfortable thing ever”

What everyone loves most about Easy Exercising is that it feels like home. You enjoy a friendly chat as you exercise in a community of welcoming faces, like yourself. And you actually look forward to coming back! 

So, what could feel better than letting the Easy Exercising power-assisted machines help you regain your mobility and fitness while you relax, and enjoy a bit of laughter and good company?

We offer FREE trial sessions for all first-timers and we’d love to arrange a session for you ASAP. Want to see for yourself?…

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret