Easy Exercising – policies and pricing

To ensure we comply with the Government’s CoVid-19 standards, and to make sure we serve
you well, we have a few updates:



Because each of our clients requires a different level of supervision, we tailor packages individually.

A discounted membership fee of $15 for 2020 applies, and $25 will be chargeable annually.

Let us know if you hold a Pension card so that we can look at what discounts are possible for
your package.

Please get in touch with us for the package relevant to your situation.


Dress Code

We’re taking precautions in relation to clothing, towels and hygiene. 

To prevent any skin touching the chairs and beds, the following clothing requirements are
now standard:

• Long sleeve tops to the wrist (no ¾ length sleeves) are to be worn at all times;
• Long pants are to be tucked into socks to prevent trousers from rising;
• The wearing of your own socks is mandatory;
• Please bring beach towel (XXL towel) to cover the equipment; and
• You are welcome to cover the machines’ handles while using them with either gloves,
cloths or a lunch bag that you bring with you.
• If you have any flu-like symptoms or feel unwell, please do not attend and
• inform us immediately on 0407144658 and state your name and the attending studio.


Covid-19 Training for Easy Exercising Staff

All Easy Exercising staff have undertaken Covid-19 training, as organised by the Australian
Government’s Department of Health.

This training has allowed us to ensure that Easy Exercising will comply with the Cleaning and
Social Distancing requirements which are as follows.



• Hand Sanitizer is provided by Easy Exercising for your use prior to and during the
commencing of exercising;
• All equipment is fully cleaned by Easy Exercising prior to the opening of each studio;
• Gloves, cloths can be used to cover the handles while using the machines, however
this not mandatory as we provide hand sanitizer by each exercise station.
• Cleaning products supplied by Easy Exercising are used on all machines, prior to their
use; and
• All equipment is cleaned by Easy Exercising at the end of each hourly session.

Social Distancing

To comply with Government medical advice and regulations, we have had to make some
changes to our studio operations. These are:
• Studio attendance times will be shortened to 45-50 minutes and bookings will only be
for hourly sessions;
• Please allow up to 50 minutes for exercising as all clients will vacate their booking
slot around 5 to 10 minutes at the end of each session;
• In that 5 to 10 minutes, Easy Exercising staff will wipe down and clean the machines,
prior to the next session;
• Incoming clients with medical conditions are welcome to sit in reception until the
existing clients have vacated the studio;
• Clients will be required to queue 1.5 meters apart outside the studios and crosses for
guidance will be placed outside the studio;
• Clients will not be allowed into the studio until all of the previous clients have vacated
the premises;
• Equipment may have changed positions and so everyone is required to be more
vigilant while moving around the studio;

• All chairs have been placed 1.5 meters apart and all chairs can be used at once;

• All beds cannot be used at once and only 3 beds can only be used at the same time to
allow for the 1.5 meter distancing requirements; and
• If a client arrives late to their exercise session, this delay will not extend into the next
session. We ask clients to vacate the studio 5 to 10 minutes prior to the next session to
allow time for cleaning.


Studio Operating Times and Bookings

Studio operating times vary, to meet demand and safe Social Distancing rules. As each
session fills, we will be able to extend opening hours to suit.


Due to restricted attendance if you do not turn up on the day without notification the session
will be charged.

Notification of at least 24 hours to cancel is implemented.

All cancellations must be either by call or message to mobile 0407144658

Once you have digested the information, please phone to arrange your booking