Though we’ve come a long way in our society’s understanding of fitness and wellness, one group that remains relatively untouched by the discussion is seniors. Passing the age of 65, their bodies start to lose their endurance, and they become less mobile. However, this group of people has grown tremendously health-cognizant in recent years and are now starting to work out or go for walks. They are very concerned about living a healthy life and have started to take measures for themselves. In this blog we will illustrate the 7 best exercises for seniors that make them fit and how easy exercising helps in the process of keeping them fit.

  • Brisk Walking

Walking is a physical activity we often take for granted. That said, it’s an excellent way for seniors to stay in shape. This aerobic exercise works several muscles and keeps the heart rate up. Compared to running or jogging, walking puts less pressure on the knees and ankles. In particular, seniors with weak joints find walking a much better form of exercise.

  • Tai Chi

  Tai Chi is a low-intensity martial art focused on improving balance, coordination, and flexibility. A popular practice all over the globe, Tai Chi has been shown to have a significant positive impact on physical and mental health, benefiting seniors in particular. It is usually performed in groups.

  • Yoga

Yoga is an excellent practice for seniors. It includes all the benefits of physical activity coupled with mindfulness. Yoga has many benefits including increased flexibility, better balance, and a general sense of well-being. It is also usually practiced in groups to foster togetherness and mental peace. Chair yoga, which can be practiced sitting on a chair, is also an excellent alternative for those who are unable to stand or walk.

  • Swimming/Water Aerobics

A workout that gets your heart pumping is imperative for heart health. There is just one type of exercise that does better than all the rest: swimming! This activity complements elders’ needs, but is accessible for anyone.

  • Cycling

Cycling is one of the best ways to stay in shape as we age. Similar to swimming, cycling is an aerobic activity that does not put our joints under pressure, which means there is less injury and severe aches.

  • Arm Weights

Lifting weights is a tried and true way to strengthen the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. It also works to improve your posture and build upper-body strength. Lifting weights can be done with actual weights or using plastic bottles filled with sand. The technique is straightforward and can be done anywhere — at the gym or while you’re out

  • Body Weight Workouts

It’s not just about weight loss anymore. For adults, muscle atrophy is a prevalent health issue. One way to combat this issue is with bodyweight workouts and floor mats. These workouts are affordable and don’t require much equipment: just a workout outfit and a mat.

  • Best Aerobic Exercises for seniors

Aerobic exercises for seniors, such as brisk walking or gardening, help to pump blood to your larger and smaller working muscles. These types of exercises will also help to improve your mood and sleep at night!

  • Best Strength Training Exercises for seniors

As you get older, it’s inevitable that body changes are unavoidable. Luckily, people are finding ways to delay them. Resistance training is a great way to stay active and strong. One way people are doing this is by using their own weight, free weights, or resistance bands.

  • Best Flexibility Exercises for seniors

Flexibility is important for our health. It helps us be independent, mobile, and helps strengthen the body to its full range of motion. Certain stretches are great for decreasing the energy cost of standing or walking. These stretches target the common problem areas, such as the shoulders, hips, and legs. All of these can help with balance problems and gait compensations.

  • Balance Exercises for seniors

Falls are a common event with age. Along with the physical consequences, they also have negative mental consequences. Many systems work together to keep us balanced, including input from the brain, eyes, and ears. The systems are integrated into the musculoskeletal system and then translated into motor output. To prevent falls regular exercise is required.

  • Easy Exercising and Senior Exercises

Easy exercising helps seniors with no- sweat exercises. These exercises help in preventing falls, reduce weights, prevent the progression of diabetes, cardiac risks etc. We have helped thousands of seniors like you to recover fast with their diseases.


As people age, there is no shortage of activities to promote good health and wellness. Choosing the right activity at any point in life is important for specific needs and goals. Starting simple is key, and practicing a wide range of workouts will keep you active and engaged. So, whatever your situation may be — living independently or in a care facility — the opportunities for fitness abound. Easy exercising offers seniors easy to do exercises to keep them fit. To find out more, visit or its fitness clinic.