Aging a continuous process which cannot be prevented. As age progress, several health conditions need monitoring like diabetes, Cholesterol levels, coordination problems, weight issues etc.

Coordination problems and falling is a major health issue in senior citizens in Australia. Nearly 1 in 3 Australian aged 65 years have experienced a fall in last 12 months.(Source). There are both financial and physical issues related to falling each year. Many people suffer injuries to their body parts like hand and leg injuries and financial support required to treat those injuries.

Reasons of Elderly Falling-
The reasons for falling is mainly due to lack of coordination between various body parts. The sensory organs are not able to respond properly to the environmental stimuli. Due to this lack of response, the body parts are not able to sense and result into fall.

There are other factors also which may cause elderly to fall. Some of them are
1) Low blood pressure.
2) Diabetes.
3) Stroke
4) Parkinson’s disease.
5) Dementia.
6) Other Extreme environmental shocks leading to fall like earthquakes, storms etc.

So it’s extremely important for the family to take care of older people to prevent such falls.

How to prevent fall-

There are various ways by which one can prevent the incidence of fall. Some of them are –

1) See that the elder moving place is not wet. Wet Surfaces are likely to cause elder person to slip and fall.
2) Remove any sort of waste clutter in the place where elder people live. Since waste such as garbage can cause elder person to fall.
3) Install handrails and other support systems in places like bathrooms and toilets. These places are the major source of injury for the elderly people.
4) Make sure that the place where elder person live is full of light. Since older people have sight problems which can lead to balancing problems.
5) Regular exercise is the best solution to the balancing problem. Activity gives strength to your body parts and reduces fall.

Best balance exercises for seniors –

Exercising for just 30 minutes is suggested by many experts. Regular exercise helps in maintaining the body organs in good condition.

Without exercise the body movement is slowed. This results in low use of various body parts and coordination issues.

With regular exercise sensory organs rejuvenate, resulting in improved coordination. This prevents incidence of fall.

There are several exercises starting from basic to more advanced exercises. Some of them are –

1) Walking– It is one of the best simple exercise to do. Walking improves overall metabolism for the elderly person. It helps the lower body movement and also gives strength. It improves the balancing issue.

2) Standing up and sitting down – Very easy to do by seniors. Can be done at home also.

3) Tai chi – This improves the flexibility and muscle strengthening for seniors. It improves the balance issues and improves the emotional stability.

4) Stability ball exercise– If you are comfortable in sitting, then try to incorporate stability ball or Swiss ball. This improves the balance by giving strength to your lower body muscles.

5) Weight Training– If you are active enough, try lifting some weights. This will help improve the endurance and strength. With this training the balancing issue is resolved as both arms and legs are given strength.

6) Elliptical– These are one of the best machines to help in Balancing. These help in coordinating the forward and backward motion.

7) Treadmill– Walking on treadmill at a slower rate helps improve balance and strength. Its best even when there is bad weather.
8) Recumbent bikes– These are very easy and improves the lower back portion of body. It gives strength and improves the balancing issue. It is similar to cycling.

9) Resistance Band– Improves the coordination and balance among elderly people. Very easy to do.

10) Rowing machines – The rowing machines gives strength and endurance benefits to the elderly. This machine offers more benefit for the elder person if properly used. It gives more strength to legs, back and shoulders than walking.

All these exercises need to be properly done by coordinating with the doctor and physical trainer. Emotional strength and community also helps a lot in getting the person improve.

Easy exercising offers the benefit of physical trainer who has the ability to guide the elder person. They assist the elder person do the exercise in proper manner. Lot many elder persons are enrolled in the balancing programme. This helps in improving the condition at fast pace.

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