Are you “over” the gym phase? If your mobility, weight, or just general distaste for exercise means there’s no way you’ll go back to a gym, Easy Exercising is the unexpectedly-excellent solution. Read on to find out why Easy Exercising is the perfect answer for what exercise to do when you hate exercise, and how easy it is to get started.

We noticed a bunch of questions people literally ask Google about what to do if they don’t want to exercise (or at least, they don’t feel comfortable at a gym), and have pulled the answers together here …


“I hate exercise because it hurts”

If you’re anything like us in terms of life experience, you get it that some exercise is designed to hurt in a good way. But that doesn’t suit everyone, at all stages of life.

At Easy Exercising, our participants are often retired or nearing retirement, so they find their body doesn’t move as easily as it used to. The thought of inflicting pain just for the sake of exercise is not on their to-do list! 

Instead, they appreciate that the power-assisted exercise machines at each of our clinics really do the work for them! 

Take a look at this video that shows the machines in action, to get an idea of how they move:

“I want to exercise but I hate sweating”

Yes! Some people love to get a good sweat on while they exercise. But what about those of us who know we need to move our bodies, and then want to get on with meeting friends for a coffee? There’s another way – using power-assisted machines under the supervision of trained staff means you can exercise sweat-free … and enjoy a bit of laughter along the way as part of a friendly community … and look good as you walk out the door.

These machines allow us to gently strengthen!” – Ana Sikorsky

“I’m fat and I hate exercise”

This Google search made our hearts break a little, because when the weight slips on due to being overworked, too busy, or ill, it leaves people feeling stuck and unable to exercise. And it often means they’re not going to feel comfortable at a gym. 

The power-assisted machines at Easy Exercising’s clinics can take a weight of up to 140 kg.

This is helpful for most people who apply to become a participant, and for those who weigh more, our team can create a preparation program so that every participant can reach their goals.

Many of the participants at Easy Exercising have weight challenges, but it is precisely this accepting environment that allows them to feel comfortable.

Anne is in her late 70s and said “My husband and I went to a gym but the costs were high, and if I wanted help I would have to pay for a fitness instructor. There were a lot of younger people around me and I felt intimidated. At Easy Exercising, I found that I was exercising with my age group and also with others who had similar injuries and issues. The staff were ready to help, as and when I needed assistance. I am now fitter and I have more energy …”

Anne did come to Easy Exercising with weight issues and did not like the idea of a gym. But Anne found a great community at Easy Exercising.

“Is it normal to hate exercise?”

It’s more normal to hate exercise than you might think! Our western culture glorifies sports, often leaving arts and culture to the side, and anyone who doesn’t want to sprint it out every day before the sun comes up can be forgiven for feeling like an outcast. 

Not everybody likes to exercise.

Some will force themselves to do exercises they don’t like for a long time (we have many participants who did that for years!), and others just are not interested at all.

The thing about the power-assisted machines at Easy Exercising is that you don’t feel like you’re exercising at all. Instead, you leave filled with happy vibes; we’ve had participants tell us they count the minutes until their next session!

“How can I force myself to like exercise?”

We would actually say there is no need to force yourself to like exercise. That just makes life miserable. Sure, try a few things out and you might be pleasantly surprised. But when it’s really a case of just being “not into it”, why push? 

Instead, we invite you to book a free trial session so that you can experience just how good the power-assisted exercise machines at Easy Exercising really make you feel.

“Best thing I have ever done , good easy workout and great company, every care taken to ensure everyone is safe.” – Nancy Moore


“I hate the gym”

Can we say “we hear you?” 🙂 It wasn’t our thing either. In fact, that’s exactly why Andrea and Jessica Curtis founded Easy Exercising, because they didn’t feel comfortable at the gym. You can read more here about how Easy Exercising started.

Here’s what Judy, one of our Easy Exercising participants says:

“Great machines for people who are over the GYM phase. Gentle without stressing joints, muscles. Or, if you have difficulty breathing.”

Hear what Laurele said after having, in his words, “been around gyms a long time” … (see one of the best benefits at 00:57!)

How “not” to exercise

There’s a classic ad (okay, from years ago now) that ran the slogan “The drink you have … when you’re not having a drink.” Remember that? Yes? Great. No? We’ll just move right on then … 

What we’re saying here is that Easy Exercising really is the exercising you can do when you hate all forms of exercising. Whether it’s mobility, weight, confidence or just a pure distaste for getting all sweaty, the power-assisted machines at Easy Exercising actually make exercise fun.

But, telling you all about it is like trying to describe the freedom of flying if you’ve never seen a plane.

Instead, there’s a better way. 

Contact us to book a free trial session, so that you actually feel it. It’ll also give you a chance to see whether you can cope with our sense of humour … our participants do enjoy a good laugh!

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret