The Easy Exercising Team 





How the Exercise Classes for Seniors was Born!

Sisters Andrea & Jessica Curtis decided to join a gym in 2013 when faced with weight problems.

But they faced the same problems many of us do at that point – lack of motivation, unexpected costs they weren’t warned about on signup, and an unwelcoming atmosphere.

Always on the lookout for new exercise technologies to help with lifestyle and mobility, Andrea and Jessica looked at what was happening in the UK. Power-assisted exercise and mobility machines had been in use for over 30 years, commissioned by local Councils, the National Health Service, private medical centres and doctors.   Easy Exercising was born. Starting with one studio in Queensland’s Sunnybank, the intent from the outset was to make exercising accessible and welcoming for everyone. People who wouldn’t usually make it to the gym turned up, had a chat, and began to gently work on building muscle and burning fat with barely any effort required. Andrea and Jessica worked hard to foster an environment that would be gentle on those getting started, feel like a family for everyone involved, and be something that each member looks forward to in their week. The Easy Exercising community has grown to several sites around Brisbane and will soon be joined by locations across Australia. Every location is created with the same fierce commitment to community and it’s tangible from the second you walk through the door.

Sound like the community for you?