We’ve all heard it a hundred times before: physical exercise is incredibly beneficial for people of all ages. And, there’s no surprise that as we age, physical activity still plays an important role in our lifestyle and well-being. But why are exercise classes so beneficial for seniors and why is it that so many are swearing exercise classes once they reach this age?

We’ve taken a deep dive into everything there is to know about exercise classes for seniors. 

Common senior exercise myths

While exercise is incredibly beneficial for seniors, many hold a variety of concerns associated with physical activity at this age. But many of these concerns are actually myths and, while it’s important to start slowly and consult your doctor before exercising, there’s very few real reasons to avoid exercise at this age.

We’ve tackled the common myths associated with seniors exercise 

Myth: “I am way too old to start exercising now”

Nope – did you know that fitness can actually help you feel younger and even lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and so much more? You may feel a little unsure of which programs are right for you, but that’s exactly why exercise classes can be so beneficial at this age. They’ll show you EXACTLY how to start moving!

Myth: “I am not strong enough to exercise”

While you definitely need to be careful when exercising, senior fitness classes are specifically designed to help you get fit, increase mobility, boost your strength and solidify your balance. Even if you feel like you can’t stand up for long, you’ll be surprised what a gentle exercise program can do for you!

Myth: “I could get easily injured through exercise”


While it’s easy to be injured during exercise, it’s usually only as a result of poor form or progression of exercise. It’s important to be careful and follow tips such as starting slow, checking with your doctor about the right motions for you, and not exerting yourself beyond your comfort level. And there’s no better way to ensure proper form and comfortable progression than with real support while you workout – something that exercise classes are renowned for. 

Why exercise and fitness are important for seniors

Regular exercise can provide a wide variety of health benefits for seniors that extends beyond the obvious. It can both prevent and delay the onset of many health problems that come with age, but it can also help you overcome day-to-day struggles of age, such as fear of falling or slowed walking pace. 

It’s one of the most important things you can do for your health at this age and can actually help you strengthen your muscles, increase your balance, boost your mobility – that’s like reversing the signs of aging!

And it really is that simple. Regular exercise, even if it’s gentle, can help you live a longer, healthier life. You’ll have more energy, better moods, improved cognitive function and even combat serious illnesses. It’ll get you back on track to enjoying the later years of your life – as opposed to struggling through.

Exercise is incredibly benefical for seniors, it can get you back on track to living the life you always wanted

The top 3 benefits of senior exercise classes

But what are the benefits of exercising through an exercise class program? Well, there’s quite a few, but we’ve outlined the top 3 – and let us tell you, number 3 may surprise you…

1. Improves your health

As noted before, exercise of any kind as a senior works to improve so many different aspects of your health. But here’s the research to back it up:

It’s been found that people between the ages of 60 and 64 leading a sedentary lifestyle are at increased risk of a cardiac disease, with evidence showing that physical activity lowers heart disease risk while you’re actively participating in physical activity. Yep – exercise alone can improve your cardiovascular health!

Another study by the National Institute of Health found that low-impact senior fitness training will help improve your range of motion as well as reduce any loss or balance. It’s believed that, if you act on time, you can reduce the rate of decreased bone mass and stiff bones and joints, and even work to reduce these issues with this form of exercise. It’s the perfect way to strengthen your bones, joints and balance and decrease your risk of falls!

And if you’re exercising in a program that holds you accountable and monitors your progression? You’ll have no trouble reaping all of these benefits, without the nasty surprises that often come when doing an exercise program alone..

2. Improves your psychological well-being

Regular exercise can actually help to improve your mental health. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain – natural neurotransmitters for pain relief and mood balance. But it can also help to  build self confidence and self esteem (I mean, just imagine getting to show off your greater mobility to the little ones!), fight stress, combat serious mental illnesses, improve your sleep quality, and even boost your overall brain function. 

And when you’re not worried about forcing yourself to commit to an at-home workout program, go for that solo walk, or planning your next workout routine – those benefits are all the more. Plus… most exercise classes will reward and acknowledge you for your effort, meaning an extra boost to your ego as you go!

3. Improves your social life

One of the very best things about exercise classes for seniors is that it completely removes the sense of isolation that often accompanies old age. Not only can you reap all the benefits mentioned above, but you also get to connect with a community of like-minded individuals in your local area. 

The kind of friendships you make in class or even with a personal trainer can help to motivate you to actually get up, step outside of the house, and show up for that exercise class – all so you can have a little gossip with your friends!

Not to mention, senior fitness exercises can be a lot of fun! Many providers today make it easy to connect with others, share some laughs, and make exercise an enjoyable process. 

Why Easy Exercising is the perfect seniors exercise class for all

Easy Exercising is the seniors exercise class that makes maintaining your health, well-being and social life oh so easy

Easy Exercising is all based around our unique, power-assisted machines. We let the machines do all the work for you so that your individual, gentle program safely gets you to your goals as quickly as a bench press – without the grunting, stress or sweat. 

It makes it a great starting point for those with a very limited range of movement, complicated health issues, or even those in the rehabilitation process. There’s no pain, just easy exercise that helps you recover the mobility and body shape you had in your prime in a gentle, sweat-free way. 

And, you’d be surprised, our machines can help improve mobility, reduce joint pain, reduce diabetes symptoms, give a healthy recovery from surgery, and even help you lose weight. 

Which is exactly why our clinics are so popular with seniors all across Brisbane…

It’s easy for you to workout, improve your health and well-being, and it’s also SO EASY to socialise while doing so! While our machines do all the work, you can just sit back, enjoy the benefits, and have a chat with the friendly community around you. 

And, don’t worry, sisters Andrea and Jessica Curtis are there to give you one-on-one, 24/7 support and find the perfect tailored program for you.

So the only thing you have to worry about is showing up.

“I think this is the best form of exercise for people that have aches and pains or a disability. Very friendly people and a good relaxed atmosphere. I have been able to get my arm above my head now, that’s something I have not been able to do for years. Also building up core muscles ready for spine surgery. Someone’s always there to make sure you are using the equipment to get the most benefit from the workout.” 

~ Sandra Ann McDiarmid

Exercise is incredibly beneficial for all ages, but especially for seniors. It plays an important role in our well-being, lifestyle, health and so much more. And there’s no better way to start exercising at this age than with a trusted seniors exercise class. It can help hold you accountable, give you the motivation you need, and also help you socialise in this isolating time in your life.

If you’re interested in joining Easy Exercising for a session, contact us today to book a free trial and give it a whirl!

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