An overwhelming number of studies confirm that resistance training is an excellent way to counteract age-related loss of muscle mass, improve strength, and convert fat to muscle. It has a significant positive impact on our ability to perform the many daily activities that allow us to live an active life without injury. This is true whether you begin resistance training at the age of 40 or the age of 80.

Pneumatic Resistance is the most efficient way to strengthen muscles, helping prevent falls and osteoporosis.

In this blog we will help you understand the benefits of pneumatic resistance training..

Resistance training for seniors

Resistance is so effective because it targets areas of the body to help muscle fibers grow. Our muscles have to work against products being placed along their length, literally causing them to become stronger over time. This is why resistance training for most people has a significant positive impact on activities of daily living, regardless of age.

Benefits of Resistance Training for Elderly People

Strengthens Bones.

Resistance training has been proven to be a viable exercise that promotes bone density in the elderly. Since high levels of bone density can often prevent some debilitating conditions such as osteopenia and osteoporosis, which have been more common among the rapidly aging population, resistance training is a splendid way for senior citizens to ensure they have strong bones throughout their old age.

Prevents Loss of Muscle Mass.

As we get older, our muscles begin to drop in mass – this is known as sarcopenia. Sarcopenia can lead to significant reductions in strength and functionality around middle or old age, depending on the person. It has been shown that with regular resistance training (or lifting weights) in elderly populations, this condition can be alleviated and sometimes even partly reversed. Ultimately, this means better physical resilience, which in turn will aid in improving the ability for people in this elderly population to perform everyday tasks such as moving about their home easily

Reduces Fall Risk.

Resistance training improves balance and coordination. This includes using unstable surfaces like foam to help train balance and core strength by performing bicep curls, lunges, or squats for example. Combining these kinds of workouts with cardiovascular exercise can be especially helpful – after all, studies indicate that aerobic workouts actually increase the benefits of resistance training!

Improves Health Status.

As we age, we are more likely to suffer from common chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and COPD. For many, resistance training has proven to be extremely helpful in improving the quality of life, especially for those over age 60.

Type 2 diabetes and resistance training.

We are all aware of the importance of weight loss when it comes down to living with type 2 diabetes. It has been proven that losing ten percent of your body weight can be correlated with an increase in bone fracture risk. Fortunately, new studies have appeared recently which show that if you follow a high intensity resistance program combined with a weight loss regime, not only does it reduce some blood sugar levels that cause some health issues, but also helps save some bone mass while allowing more lean muscle growth, both elements of which contribute to managing your diabetes in the best way possible.

Arthritis and resistance training.

Resistance training has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. According to research, it can help improve body composition in these patients by reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass. This is very important when considering the fact that the majority of people with this form of arthritis are at risk for cardiovascular disease or obesity. Studies also indicate that doing resistance training with lighter weights rather than heavier ones, with more repetitions may give patients an optimal muscle building stimulus. ​

Cardiac disease and resistance training.

For people with cardiovascular problems, the benefits of resistance training are invaluable. By performing resistance training, symptoms of stress on the heart will be significantly lessened. Physical functioning will also see an overall improvement, as well as a decreased risk profile and improved quality of life.

Easy Exercising and Pneumatic Resistance Training

Easy Exercising with the help of pneumatic resistance training machines provides seniors an easy way of developing muscle strength. This helps in proper coordination and balance development.


Pneumatic resistance training helps seniors to improve major health issues such as fall prevention, type 2 diabetes and arthritis. A fully equipped fitness center with pneumatic strength training equipment is ideal for promoting fitness among seniors. Easy Exercising has all the equipment required for pneumatic resistance training.

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