“I have a lot of improvements. I can now cut my own toenails.” – Liz


Liz has been coming to Easy Exercising for about 12 months now. We’ve loved having her as part of our Easy Exercising community, but we’ve also loved hearing the incredible (and sometimes hilarious) results she’s achieved!


How Easy Exercising helped Liz’s mobility

Liz’s walking is a lot better and stronger now. She doesn’t feel pain in her shoulders anymore and her general health is just bliss. 

Her balance is wonderful. She even notes that she can now put her knickers on without holding onto the wall! Which is something we’re pretty chuffed about…

Her general movement and mobility overall has been wonderful. She’s able to walk up stairs without hanging onto railings and she loves slopes now!

Oh, and don’t forget that her “fat lazy dog that does nothing” is finally going on walks with her again. We’ve seen them around together!

And we’re not surprised to hear that at all. Here at Easy Exercising, we’ve seen hundreds of clients change for the better with our power-assisted machines, tailored programs and one-on-one support…


How Easy Exercising helps restore mobility, improve movement and increase quality of life


Our power-assisted exercise machines are unique because of the science behind them. They were meticulously developed and tested over years by industry leaders and are the obvious choice for anyone looking to shape up without breaking a sweat.

We work with physios and chiropractors to determine the exercises you need and then let our equipment realign your body into the correct position, gently exercising those muscles and joints that have been incorrectly stressed or require healing. 

You’ll enjoy the support of a qualified practitioner who will monitor, assist and offer suggestions, with one-on-one support given every time you need it. 

You won’t sweat, you won’t feel puffed and you won’t wake up sore the next morning. You’ll experience all the benefits that gentle exercise has to offer, with a friendly community by your side every step of the way.

“I’m at Easy Exercising, Morayfield. I just love it. And since I’ve been coming here, my mental health has been great. My movement has been great. Things I could not do, put my shoes and socks on, I could do that after a few sessions. – Rob


“Is awesome not hard! You can work up to your resistance where you feel comfortable with your body. Is good for rehabilitation after operations. You sit or lie down on machines. Gets you very flexible. I highly recommend this form of fitness. I had a bad motor vehicle accident long recovery. Soon as I used these machines first day I noticed a difference. – Katrina


“The reason I come here is that I’ve improved out of sight in the last 18 months. From somebody that had chronic back pain, aching knees, and pins and needles constantly in my feet, I have now got no pins and needles anymore.” – Elwyn


Easy Exercising is a safe and welcoming community dedicated to gentle exercise with real on-going support. Our power-assisted machines and tailored programs improve joint pain and mobility, reduce diabetes symptoms and make recovering from surgery possible. 

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"I had a very good hour doing Easy Exercising which isn’t hard on your joints. I think it’s good for any over fifties to try as they will find it so good for their different problems or just to have some general exercise. There is a qualified person supervising you on each machine & its a very sociable environment." - Margaret